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The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program serves youth and teens, ages 5-19, in  California through traditional clubs, after-school programs, state-wide leadership conferences and camps.

As the largest, non-profit youth organization in the country, 4-H has a proven history of making lasting change in the lives of young people. At 4-H (Head, Heart, Health, Hands), your child will build positive, healthy relationships, learn invaluable life skills, and grow into a competent, caring citizen.  4-H’ers are actively engaged in their communities and our programs develop strong future leaders. 

Pacifica 4-H 

General Meeting

Wednesday 11/01/2023 

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wear: Your Halloween Costume

Community Service: Halloween Candy for Troops

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Primary Members (Clovers) - 4-H Ages 5 to 8

Intermediate Members- 4-H Ages 9-11

Junior Members - 4-H Ages 12-13

Senior Members - 4-H Ages 14 to 18

*Your "4-H Age" is your age by December 31 of the program year you are enrolled in.

Links to past General Meeting Notes 2023-2024

September Meeting 9/6

October Meeting 10/4

The University of California Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources (UC ANR) is an equal opportunity provider. 

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